1. An entrepreneurial spirit


    On 21st February 2017, Kinetic announced the rebranding of our New Zealand business. In operations since 1983, the founding Vause business was based on keeping things simple, being responsive and practical innovation. 34 years later and these attributes have never been so important. “Kinetic in New Zealand will always lead the way in demonstrating how […]

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  2. Making It Happen


    On 1st February, in front of the Brisbane oil & gas community, CEO Leigh Rigg formally announced the integration and rebranding of Vause, Grizzly, Surtron & Wildcat into the single entity Kinetic. “Kinetic aims to provide you with a better and more competitive services market, one built on innovation and a can-do attitude, with the […]

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  3. New acquisition – Wildcat Chemicals Australia Pty Ltd


    Kinetic Services Group Pty Ltd is pleased to announce it has combined forces with Wildcat Chemicals Australia Pty Ltd (Wildcat). Kinetic, a resource focused services company that offers Logging, Well Intervention, Fluid Management & Production Services, has partnered with Wildcat, a leading provider of speciality production chemicals. The partnership with Wildcat diversifies Kinetic’s service offerings […]

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  4. Kinetic Launch


    We are pleased to announce the formation of Kinetic, the culmination of three accomplished service companies: Vause, Grizzly and Surtron. The combination of these companies into a single well services company creates the perfect blend of practical innovation and multi-skilled lateral thinkers that do what we say we are going to do. Kinetic is fully […]

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  5. Milestone Safety Achievement: 1,000 Days LTI-Free


    Kinetic Well Services Ltd is proud to achieve 1,000 days with no Lost Time Injuries. Kinetic Well Services Ltd (Kinetic NZ) achieved 1000 days Lost Time Injury (LTI) free on 1 December 2016. NZ General Manager, Aaron Green credits the achievement to the strong safety awareness and culture of the Kinetic NZ team. Employees are […]

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