Milestone Safety Achievement: 1,000 Days LTI-Free


Kinetic Well Services Ltd is proud to achieve 1,000 days with no Lost Time Injuries.

Kinetic Well Services Ltd (Kinetic NZ) achieved 1000 days Lost Time Injury (LTI) free on 1 December 2016. NZ General Manager, Aaron Green credits the achievement to the strong safety awareness and culture of the Kinetic NZ team. Employees are conscientious and proactive in creating and ensuring a safe work environment. They place importance for the responsibility of workplace safety on every member of the team.

“Safety must come first, and I believe there is no reason we can’t have an injury-free workplace. Our team have really embraced this approach, understanding incidents not only impact our work, but importantly, family and home life too”,
said Aaron.

Our cloud based reporting software has been instrumental in ensuring workplace safety at the site.

“We have very good controls in place to prevent accidents or reoccurrence of incidents across the business, and we are continuously looking at ways to reduce risk where we work. This has been critical in achieving this safety milestone”,
Aaron added.

Kinetic NZ have implemented several initiatives to achieve this excellent safety milestone, including:

  • Strong processes which encourage pro-active and conscientious behavior;
  • Safety responsibility culture – both collective and individual;
  • Active participation in clients HAZOPS & SIMOPS;
  • Regular observation and hazard reporting;
  • Regular auditing, reporting and monitoring;
  • ICAM and TapRoot cause analysis to understand the root cause of any incident;
  • Embracing the “Right to Stop Work” authority for unsafe situations;
  • Conscience effort to continuously improve safety performance; and
  • Dynamic and specific HSE communication across the business.