Making It Happen

On 1st February, in front of the Brisbane oil & gas community, CEO Leigh Rigg formally announced the integration and rebranding of Vause, Grizzly, Surtron & Wildcat into the single entity Kinetic.

“Kinetic aims to provide you with a better and more competitive services market, one built on innovation and a can-do attitude, with the goal of helping you reduce your production costs in the short and long term.” Leigh said. “The idea for Kinetic came from the belief of what we do best… we keep things moving, we make things happen.”

Leigh was joined by legendary Australian cricketer Adam Gilchrist in announcing the formation of Kinetic. “When we were looking for someone to assist with this launch, we wanted someone that best represented our values of mateship, a can-do attitude, practical innovation, responsiveness and ultimately someone that makes things happen. There is no better person for this than Gilly.”